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Indigo - WordPress Portfolio Fluid/Retina Theme

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Indigo - WordPress Portfolio Fluid/Retina Theme Indigo is a powerful, Retina Fluid + Responsive Theme. This theme was built with passion, and offers a good place for graphic makers (Photographers, Creative Agencies, Web Agencies or even a Blogger).
  • The original purpose of this design was to create a theme for Instead of creating the same layout with different colours and fonts, a new frontier was embarked on, and a brave new land was conquered. 
    This website is retina responsive, and looks good on any resolution screen. It is suitable for many fields of work, from a personal website to a photography showcase. It can be used as a company website as well. 
    Since the original intention was to create a theme, the programming of the website makes this design highly customisable, for any intended purpose.
    Our mark was apparently overshot, and according to the design is too unique to be part of their collection.
    If on the other hand you are not intimidated by this design, you can drop me an e-mail if you would like to discuss an ownership transaction. 

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