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  • A.N.D / Redesign
    Worldwide Interactive Design Guide

    6 reasons why you'll benefit from A.N.D:

    Ideal companion while travelling
    New York, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Moscow
    A.N.D is a gravitating zone for those on the lookout for attractive events while traveling. We handpick prevailing events within range, crafting and developing user-friendly options to help you stay constantly tuned in. We not only point you in the right direction, we place you right there.

    Flagging events
    The flag lets you mark the events you’re planning to attend. All flagged events appear on your profile page. It’s simple, crisp, and helpful.

    Spotlight on Industry Leaders/Provocative Minds 
    The leaders A.N.D features dominate within the various fields of design, new and interactive technologies and architecture; they are forever challenging the parameters of these fields; they are on the cusp, the first to test and accelerate into new landscapes of thought and action. We find them, interact with them, and bring them to you.

    Bullseyes & Themes
    Through the in-depth mode of research we develop challenging themes that go beyond the basics of an interview. Our bullseye series provides a snapshot from the clarity of vision and sharpness of action our leaders possess. We want to engage leaders in conversation that spark new ideas and formulate discussions. Our steps are always fresh and so are our readers!

    Ongoing Knowledge
    Our aim is to foster further knowledge through event attendance and by highlighting the success of creative professionals. The work and ideas behind the latest trends and inventions are relayed and investigated for you. Learning becomes seamless. 

    A.N.D is a filter, giving you what really matters for elevating and refining the success of your own endeavors. Everything here is recent and compelling. By showing viewers what successful professionals are doing right now, we drive them further into their own success.  

    A.N.D is on edge
  • Creative director — Vit Abramov
    Senior Designer — Olga Balina
    UX and Interaction Director — Alexey Novikov
    Creative Coordinator, NYC — Tyler Flynn Dorholt
    Creative Coordinator, Melbourne — Elinor Moshe

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