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ARSENAL Web & Graphics

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A representation of the upcoming website for ARSENAL Web & Graphics, a freelance webdesign & -development duo.
  • ARSENAL Web & Graphics
    Solid as Steel
  • ARSENAL Web & Graphics is a freelance webdesign & development duo located in Niagara Falls, ON.

    I am the design half of this duo.
    As you can see at first we decided upon the name CANL Webdesign & Development (this name simply came from the fact that I am a dutchman and my partner and programmer is of Canadian descent), but as our identity was progressing in our brainstorm session we thought it would fit more to give ourselves an agressive and hard name.
    Our main branding goals were to come off as a rather fierce and hard-working couple of younglings. Since we are both only 19 years of age we found we needed to clearly state our identity as a force to be reckoned with. As came out were objects such as weaponry, steel and rock. Since my partner in crime is one of the hardest workers, nay, the hardest worker I have had the pleasure to work with I thought this might fit our brand. We promise security to our customers yet propose a state of active and straight-forward web marketing and development. We tend to work fast and hard and show to our customers only the way we portray our business to the world, in stead of smashing their faces with previous clientell. Therein lies the fact that we have in fact had few previous clients. However, this is how we want to show our clients that we are prepared to empty our cases upon their needs. By that I don't mean that we literally destroy their identity, better yet we destroy our clients competition.

    That is our intention, my question to you is; What do you think of our identity so far? Do you think this description fits the design? We are open to any suggestions or tips.

    Thanks in Advance,

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