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A concept design for Atlasjet pitch
  • Atlasjet
    January 2012
  • Concept design for Atlasjet's pitch, a Turkish airline company,  obviously...

    My agency asked me to create an alternative version to our main concept which offers a more radical/unfamiliar style; so I decided to work with big background images and create a simplified experience which allows you to make less clicks from the beginning to the end.  

    Click on images for higher resolutions.
  • Homepage with announcements/notifications, a -slightly- minimal search box and a huge space for the featured prices and campaigns. Also footer section directs you to corporate news and campaigns.
  • A combined calendar for your departure and returning dates.
  • A different navigation and even more minimalist search box. By default "round trip" is selected and after choosing your departure city; you get forms for destination place, dates, number of passenger one by one.
    Touristic places are used as background images to encourage customers. 
  • Subpages: 
    - Listing flights with prices, free services, easy navigation between days & weeks- Passengers' information- Confirmation page.

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