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  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
    Initial Pitch Presentation Screens
  • Celebrity Cruises asked for their website experience to be re-imagined, putting the destinations and ship based experience front and center, in an immersive way.

    Celebrity Cruises wanted to give users the cruise they are seeking from the first point of contact, and be able to continue it long after they have disembarked. 

    The Approach
    This centered around employing the following methodology when considering content and user experience - eXcite, eXplore, eXperience, eXtend or more simply, 4X.

    • Rich, vibrant colors and imagery to immerse and inspire the user in the Celebrity Cruise experience
    • Content-rich navigation across a streamlined, intuitive site architecture.• Tactile and immersive content display throughout planning, booking and lead-up.• Engaging tools and content to share at every stage of the experience.  
  • Home Screen Example
  • Home Screen - Ships navigation example
  • Home Screen - Contextual promotions in navigation example
  • Home Screen - Ship Experience example
  • Home Screen - Ship Experience example
  • Destinations Overview
  • Destinations Feature
  • Destinations Feature Video Overlay
  • Cruise Finder
  • Cruise Finder Results - Individual Cruise Details
  • Deck Experience Example
  • Deck Experience 360º Overlay
  • Luxury Stateroom Experience - Full Browser 360º
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