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Cisco Video On Demand

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This project was created as a reference solution sales tool for Cisco, which offers potential clients an end to end Video on Demand Solution. Designs were created for web and mobile applications for Iphone, IPad, Android phones, and Android Tablet. The Solution covers a gamut of features and capabilities including: E-commerce Ad space and feature Strategy User Profile Sign in/ Registration Search Live TV Feeds CMS Mobile Application Designs Content Filters
  • Cisco Video On Demand
    Reference Solution
  • Website Design

  • Splash page design for Ipad and Iphone inspired by the Cisco logo and the overlap of technologies used in video on Demand

  • Mobile Application Designs for Ipad and Iphone
  • Mobile Application Design for Android Tablet and Android Phone

  • The homepage is a gateway to  the rest of the Video On Demand interface. The dark background was used to help the box art and imagery pop and create a mood evocative of a dark theater. The dashboard module to the left surfaces site content in an engaging manner and adds visual interest to the page.
  • When users hover over the various box art titles there is a quickview function that provides limited meta data about the title and some calls to action. The hover was designed to be the size of the boxart to avoid interfering with surround boxart.
  • Registered users can conveniently sign on any page of the interface using the sign-in pop up window.
  • The Video On Demand Landing page gives users the control to browse content based on their individual needs and wants. A filtering module offers different filtering categories in a conventional eCommerce manner. Users can also control the way the content is viewed with a thumbnail, list view toggle, and minimize, expand functionality for the feature carousel.

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