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Freebies I've Designed for Inspiration-Hut

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All the creations within this project are available for free download, with no terms attached. Use them how you wish, and as often as you wish.
  • Freebies Designed for Inspiration Hut 
    A bunch of free downloads for anybody to download, no credit required, and no conditions attached.
  • Here is a continuing collection of freebies that I have designed for visitors to download from Inspiration-Hut, this space will be updated every time I create a new one so you guys can head on over and grab the downloads! So keep an eye out as I anticipate to be updating this at least once a week. 
  • These 404 Error Website Pages are excellent for any business or individual, the style that has been applied to all versions is a widely recognized style and one of which that is suitable for every website. Both the light and dark versions come in 4 various color schemes, see the screenshots for a detailed look at each individual color. This pack also comes equipped with 11 of the most popular social networking icons (stagnant and hover states included) The pack also contains 2 PSD files, one for the Light version, and one for the Dark version, and two folders both containing the HTML, CSS and Images for each scheme along with a small Readme file to help with any confusion. 

    Download Link - Free 404 Website Error Page
  • Looking for a free, clean and professional website menu bar? I think you may have just found it. This particular psd file has been designed with the intention to match any color or shade of background and to still keep its quality and style. This universal look is timeless and can be used time and time again on multiple projects so enjoy the download, and we would love to see it in action.

    Download Link : Clean and Professional Website Navigation Menu (FREE PSD DOWNLOAD)
  • Everyone wants a Calendar icon, So here is one. Well, I think everyone wants one, In all honesty I have no idea what prompted me to make one, but here I am giving it away to you guys. The file is layered, the text is changeable etc etc, so I guess you can turn this little calendar into some funky clock…Maybe. None the less, enjoy!
  • If you ever come across a situation when a bulky and bold user interface is a must for a music player, then I think we have the kit for you. Here I have designed a couple of the most popular elements that you would usually expect to see within a digital music player. Enjoy.

    Download Link - Free Music Player User Interface Kit
  • Okay, so here guys I have designed a nice magazine / book mock-up template. The file is operated by smart-objects which is brilliant as it saves you from playing about with perspectives, shadows and highlights (which is what ive been doing now for a good hour or two). Also the file is a whopping 3000×1987 @ 300DPI, so for those that are needing it for presentation purposes can simply print it off with the confidence of it still looking great.

    Download Link : Free Magazine / Book Front Cover Mock-up 

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