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  • Branding 
    New season, modified cameras, previous activities and current market situation meant new approach
    to branding strategy. Extreme sports were literary all taken by the competition and so we looked
    for a new identity in gobandit's communication. After a great deal of thinking, we decided to art direct them into the world of gadgets, as their cameras became more sophisticated with new features.

    And so, I present you gobandit for 2012.
  • NOTE: Our branding proposal presentation reached more than 300 sheets.
    It was truly an intense work.
  • Website
  • iPhone App
  • UI design for gobandit STUDIO
  • Packaging
    New packaging for two new cameras "Live" & "Race"
    *we also designed logos

  • Product design proposal for 2nd generation of gobandit's Action Cam.
    First time that it was presented was through a partnership proposal with Lamborghini, which is why the cam is branded with Lambo's logo. We also produced a number of "skins" for them as well.
    Unfortunately the camera didn't went into production.

  • Camera remote control product design proposal
  • Fair Booth
    With limited budget we were asked to come up with the concept for client's booth stand at 
    CES International fair in Las Vegas. These are our two proposals, even though non went into production as the client at the end decided to rent the gear instead of producing their
    own authentic stand. 
  • Credits:
    Art direction by Ivo Martinovic
    Creative direction by Ivo Martinovic & Nikola Romic

    Photography & post production by Ivan Masic
    Graphic design by Stevan Cirovic, Tijan Boris Ninkovic, Goran Stankovic & Aleksandar Perisic
    Packaging modeling & tools by Borko Krastavcevic
    Product design by Ivo Martinovic, Vuk Dragovic & Mladen Milosevic
    Web development by Obrad Susa

    Special thanks to our Account Manager Nikola Romic

    All the print done by Cugura Print House, Serbia.

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