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BRIEF Compare The Market is an insurance comparison service. Their advertising uses meerkat characters that are adored by the UK public. They have a legion of fans: Aleksandr sold more copies of his biography then Cheryl Cole or Tony Blair. How can we keep these fans deeply engaged and enable conversations with the brand? IDEA Give fans unprecedented access to the world of Meerkats. Welcome to Meerkovo. A virtual Meerkat village across web, social and mobile. You’ll meet new characters, visit their homes, play games, learn about their ways of life, and earn real-world rewards. The website is tied into the purchase experience. When you buy an insurance product from, you unlock new areas of Meerkovo. You’ll meet new characters, watch a personalised meerkat parade in your honour and receive your very own meerkat toy. To make Meerkovo look authentic, we used real world locations which were dressed with ‘Meerkat brands’. These environments were then enhanced by matte painting. The village map was hand-painted on an 8-metre canvas. RESULTS • 330,000 visitors in the first month • 21,000 in one day • Traffic to doubled to more than 1 million per month MY ROLE Creative Direction, concept, art direction CREDITS Creative Directior: Rodrigo Sobral Project Director: Joel Godfrey Art Director: Rodrigo Sobral Copywriter: Haydn Kerr, Marcus Efstratiou Designer: Rob Rostek, Yvonne Lau Project Manager: Anna Persson Technical Manager: Tony Volpe Developer: Jason Hepi, George Cordal, Alan Killip, Philip Bulley, Rimas Krivickas, Andrew Edwards, Richard Cookson UX: Gavin O’Carrol Sound Design: Stuart Miller

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