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Nike Bootroom

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The Nike Bootroom is a premium shopping experience launched in 2009, both in-store and online, that allows players and fans to browse, learn more about and purchase Nike Football gear in an innovative way. Each item in the Bootroom can be bought online and be clicked to reveal detailed product features, available colorways, imagery of the pros who wear it plus a variety of other related content. Users can also hit the team pages to explore the Catalan pride of FC Barcelona and the domestic dominance of Manchester United or the player pages for the individual brilliance of Fabregas, Aguero, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc. Every area of the Bootroom has purpose and value, driving the following pillars of activity. SOCIAL Socialization is at the heart of the experience rather than on the edges, shifting focus from top-down brand image to audience-driven conversation and participation. DYNAMIC All areas of the Bootroom are contextual, dynamic and filterable. No dead ends for the user journey. REAL-TIME Newest content from Nike, social channels and blogs ensure Bootroom is reactive, fresh, and real-time. INTUITIVE “Most popular” links provide shortcuts to the most trafficked areas of the site, using audience’s own behaviour to auto-generate an intuitive user experience that puts their interests first. PRACTICLE Contextual mini-PDP links (or hot spots) allow users to buy products directly from images throughout the online experience. HELPFUL The experience supports comments and ratings via Nike Profile and Facebook Connect. SHAREABLE Encourage audience to share everything of interest via Twitter and Facebook. ACCESSABLE The Bootroom online experience can be seen in over 21 different languages. CREDITS Group Creative Director: Duan Evans Creative Director: Phil Haworth, Rodrigo Sobral Group Account Director: Geoff Northcott Account Director: Jo Holdsworth Project Manager: Joel Godfrey Art Director: Rodrigo Sobral Designer: Ignacio Gonzalez, Nano Doce, Andreas Levi. Copywriter: Paul Anglin, Nat Cantor

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