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Redesign of a digital agency's website

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Redesign of digital agency's website

  • The Brief
  • NATIVE is a leading digital agency in South-Africa. They had been using a blog-style website since their start-up, which had become quite outdated.

    My job was to redesign their website and adhere to 2 requirements:
    Somehow visualize that NATIVE is ever evolving by incorporating a timeline
    and showcase more of their culture and work; giving people an immediate idea of what NATIVE is, and what they stand for.

  •  Design Process
  • The entire process from wireframes to final design took about 2 weeks. In this time, I mainly did a lot of research, explored different design elements, colours and the layout.

  •  Final Designs
  • The final design has resulted in a fluid, responsive layout that
    communicates what NATIVE is about at a glance.
  • - Homepage -
    You can either use the timeline which allows you to quickly jump to a certain month or year, or the filter navigation which allows you to sort content by Work, Blog, People, and Jobs.

  • - Blog Article -

  • - Modular Work Detailpage -

  • - About Page -

  • - Services Page -

  • - Contact Page -

  • The site is still in beta release and there are still a lot of bugs to fix.
    Though have a look & let me know what you think!

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