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The Reeves Agency Website

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The Reeves Agency Website
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    The Reeves Agency Website

    Our previous website wasn't really doing us too many favors, in terms of generating awareness of the agency and also in terms of new business leads so we decided it was time for something new. I felt we needed to do something that moved away from the current web design trends, ie - blog-style, information-overloaded layouts that show absolutely everything the agency has done, with the ability to sort by tags, etc.

    Overall, I wanted to reduce and simplify the website concept while maintaining a strong emphasis on the work. I took it one step further and decided to also reduce the work displayed on the top level, in most cases to reflect the main overarching concept and not necessarily what the final finished result was. That said, I didn't want to completely remove the ability for a user to see a specific project in full, so we will also have downloadable .pdf's for each project that serve as either just a project overview or a more detailed case study.   

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