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TigerPistol Web Design

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Design of a brochure site and a management platform for a web app allowing for the easy creation and management of marketing campaigns using social media channels without technical knowledge.
  • TigerPistol brochure site and campaign management interface
  • While at the agency big:group, I helped design a web app and its supporting online brochure for a product that enables smaller businesses to run marketing campaigns using social media without the need for technical skills.
    The focus is on a friendly clear interface with chunky buttons and plenty of space. I refined copy and wireframes as well as developed an existing style guide for a more comprehensive base for further and consistent development.
  • The homepage of introducing the range of services available.
  • Product description page.
  • Example page from brochure sits showing pricing options.
  • Launch platform homepage with example data showing a range of active and archived campaigns.
  • Campaign page showing summary information and highlighting possible actions required by the campaign manager.
  • Example display of metrics and analysis captured for an individual campaign.
  • Dashboard overview allowing the campaign manager to compare all campaigns side by side.

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