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Volkswagen Driving Academy

Last Edited:
Art direction, interactive design and illustration of Volkswagen Driving Academy (Athens, Greece).
  • Volkswagen Driving Academy
    ArtDirection, illustration & webdesign
    Digital Agency: Rascal sa, Athens
  • An early stage of home page.
  • Setting the composition of home page. No shadows and reflections yet.
  • Final Stage of home page. Navigation through hot spots.
  • Borring legal notes.
  • Lean more on driving and fuel consumption economy. Illustration and photorealism using multiple images.
  • Learn how to drive safely. Using the navigation on hot spots.
  • UI detail.
  • Watching some videos.
  • Texture detail.
  • Interface detail
  • Using the contacts form.
  • Alert during form completion.
  • Case study of all button stages.
  • And more buttons.
  • Studying the experience of the form.
  • Error messages and instructions for the Flash developer in order to build the form correctly.
  • Thank you for passing by.

    Kind regards,
    Vector Hugo

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