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Website - Vuly Trampolines

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Vuly Trampolines website - Development
    Client: Vuly Trampolines
    Services: HTML5, CSS, Javascript coding, cross-browser compatibility, Photoshop image editing
    Date completed: July 2012

    Vuly Trampolines are the premier manufacturer of backyard trampolines in Australia, and soon to be around the world. They rebuild and upgrade their website each year, and I have been fortunate to spend the last four months as the HTML/CSS programmer for this 2012 version of their website.

    Much as I'd like to, I can't take credit for the gorgeous look of the site, which was designed by a great Melbourne designer - Jorge Patrocinio ( ). It was good to work as a part of the team, and be able to flex my coding and Photoshop skills to make Jorge's designs become an online reality.

    There are plenty of animations and interactive aspects of the website that can't be shown here in this flat format, so after you've had a look through the pics, go and visit the site itself -

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