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  • Witnessimage
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  • Witnessimage
  • «Witnessimage is a non-profit association, founded by the photojournalist Luca Catalano Gonzaga. His intent is to promote education and respect of human rights and liberties as described by the resolution 217A of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Witnessimage believes that photography is a way to show life’s grim reality to the world. Through it, it is possible to show the truth in all its harshness by paying total respect to human dignity. By the combination of visual reportage production and journalism tradition, Witnessimage wants to stimulate positive social change. Witnessimage believes in the language of photography power to change people lives by helping them raising their voice. Projects realized by Witnessimage are entirely financed by charitable foundations, companies and print selling.»

    Client: Witnessimage
    Agency: 10b photography

    Art direction and manager: Marco Baldovin (10b photography)
    Design: pagina39
    Programming: Filippo Buratti

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