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Website for project: Szpital Bonifratrów w Krakowie w partnerskiej sieci współpracy placówek medycznych Europy i regionu.
  • siecbonifratrow
  • web design + development
  • These are only two from several concepts, which I've made while working on this project.Site for non-registered user is only a purely informational. Registered users have access to a platform for exchange of experiences (mostly between doctors) and online knowledge.
    Finished web site is another than this, therefore I ask you to visit online website.
    Site is 99% properly displayed even by Internet Explorer 6. Whooa <fanfare>
  • LIGHT MOOD ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • DARK MOOD ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • Did you see online site?
    I hope that, you saw awesome search's input, which can change color, depending on currently displayed image in slider on home page. Just click second photo in slider for fast check.
  • Thanks!
    Danke sehr!
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